Kek Lok Si


The Buddhist temple, Kek Lok Si Temple, of Air Itam is located in Penang in Malaysia. The temple is located with its front side facing the sea and thus provides a magnificent view. Kek Lok Si Temple is Southeast Asia’s largest Buddhist temple. Buddhist pilgrims from Hong Kong, Phillipines and many other countries come to this temple. During 1890 to 1930, under the inspiration of the Abbot, Beow Lean, the temples were built. The magnificent Pagoda of Rama VI which is seven stories high is the main attraction along with Buddha’s bronze statues. Also present therein is the status of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. The Kuan Yin statue is 99 feet high. The architectural works of the temple depicts a blend of traditional Buddhism and Chinese rituals. You will find a lot of shops both outside and inside the temple selling miscellaneous religious articles. Kek Lok Si literally means “Heavenly temple”.

In George Town, below the Air Itam mountain is located the Kek Lok Si temple. The temple is spread over an area of 30 acres. Penang Hill station is only 3 kilometers away from this area. In 1905 the temple’s construction was completed and was sponsored mainly by five Chinese businessmen. The head monk of Mercy temple was the main inspiration behind the establishment of Kek Lok Si temple. You will find a shrine of Guanyin, the deity of Mercy in the main hall. Also present therein are the Goddess of the Earth and Queen of Heaven. You will also find Buddhist and many other shrines of holy saints here.

There is a bog hydraulic bell in the temple area. You will hear its high ringing volume at regular intervals. Wooden and stone constructions are a common sight within the temple. Scrolls, candles and cushions are spread out in front of each God and Goddess. The temple has several halls to assemble and offer your prayers. A collection of hanging lanterns, colorful pillars and some fine wooden work forms the architectural base of the temple. You will also see gardens and fish ponds in the temple area. Often tourists and pilgrims want to make their way further up the hill. There are cable cars which help them do so.

A lot of Chinese festivals are hosted in the temple complex. The most rigorously celebrated is the Chinese New Year. Almost a month from the end of the Chinese New Year festival, the temple is kept open till late night. Bright light decorations all over the temple complex make it a beautiful sight. Twice in a year monks walk all the way from Thailand to this temple and it is marked as a festive. You will get to see the ethnical diversity within the temple area. Worshippers offer their prayers to God in their own way. Some count beads, some offer incense, some donate case while some just bow or clap; the mode if offering might be different but all have the same devotion in their hearts.

Exhilarating Experience in Ipoh

As we all know, Ipoh is the capital of the Perak state in Malaysia. Its natural 
beauty has captivated tourists coming from far off places in Malaysia. The Lang 
Moutains in Ipoh offers great views along with river cruise. Ipoh is known for its 
rivers, mountains, mines, historical sites & delicious cuisines etc. People travelling 
to Ipoh often worry about their accommodations but nowadays Ipoh City has 
developed itself way ahead than others. There are bunch of majestic hotels in Ipoh 
which provide a magnificent view of the landscape along with clean rooms with 
facilities ranging from hot steam bath, body massage, spa treatment, hair or facial 
treatment, foot massage & many more. Tourists who come to Ipoh always 
remember their vacation for lifetime as the scenic beauty of Ipoh stays in the mind 
of our fellow travelers. Some tourists come to Ipoh to visit its attractions & eat a 
hearty lunch of Ipoh best cooked recipes. The staffs of the hotel managements are 
more than happy to serve their guest with traditional food comprising of various 
tasty dishes. If you like to eat, you can visit Malacca too, just go a head and book your
Some tourists love to experiment with their food while others prefer to eat 
standard cooked meal of Ipoh. Though, it is advised generally to try most of the 
delicious meals at Ipoh as most of the cuisines comprise a fusion of exotic flavor & 
taste. Some of the mouth watering dishes of Ipoh are Dim Sum which is prepared 
in a Chinese style with its each individual ingredients steamed in a small basket, 
Salted Chicken is another famous recipe of Ipoh prepared in a Chinese fashion of 
custom wok & baked with angelica root also referred as dong quai with Australian 
salt added in the end, Dry Curry Mee is another great dish prepared with chicken, 
prawn & noodles with spicy curry, Indian Cuisine is prepared with herbs, 
vegetables, fruits & spices mixed together to form a delicious & tasty cuisines. 
Western tourists generally prefer to eat their food with fewer spices. The hotel 
staffs always complies with such request as they want to make sure that their 
guest stay healthy at all times. The great cuisines of Ipoh have crucial health 
benefits as they are prepared with fresh vegetables, herbs, chicken & meat. People 
in Ipoh don’t prefer to store meat or chicken in freezers, as they tend to keep their 
recipe simple & fresh. These hotels also provide some of the finest international 
cuisines as per guest’s convenience at no extra charge. Western cuisines are 
prepared keeping in view of the guest’s requirements. Overall, the cuisines of Ipoh 
show its nature of progress & stability.